Reviews Press
'Excellent, positive work at the piano’
The Times, U.K.
'Her manner of playing is notable for its good taste and sense of style’
Viktor Merzhanov, Piano Professor, Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory
'The recital by pianist Carol Yu in Vienna was an astounding success. Her delicate touch, exquisite singing tone and powerful expression captured everyone in the audience. Her interpretation of works by Chopin and Rachmaninoff was particularly moving. A performance of superb artistry, in which the audience responded with rapturous applause.', Ministry of Culture, China
'She was poised, technically adept and steady.'
'In Mendelssohn's Variations Serieuses Yu developed it organically, ending with a sizzling finale.'
'In Messiaen Le baiser de l'Enfant Jesus, Yu started with a mystical serenity and developed it to a beautiful climax. She is obviously a pianist of talent.'

South China Morning Post, Hong Kong
'Yu's interpretation was exquisite. She exuded complete serenity from the moment she stepped on stage. Every note was played with feeling and understanding.'
New Straits Times, Malaysia
'Under the imaginative interpretation of renowned pianist Carol Yu, the artistic image and spiritual essence of these famous piano works were beautifully conveyed. Yu peformed with panache, elegance and imagination, and successully brought to life the interplay and intensity created by differents moods and character in each masterpiece. The audience was absolutely spellbound by Carol Yu's performance, and responded with thunderous applause. It was truly an unforgettable concert!', China
'Internationally acclaimed pianist Carol Yu performed Schubert's late works, Drei Klavierstucke, with sensitivity and expressiveness. The audience was deeply touched and some moved to tears. Her artistry in Beethoven's Sonata Op.22 was equally convincing. The complexity of emotions, delicate phrasing and form all intertwined perfectly in her artistic interpretation.', China
'Her fingerwork was clean and clear, and each note was thoughtfully played. Combining clean tone and firm rhythm with an apt sense of excitement, her performance exudes both elegance and joy. The true artistic image of Mozart was successfully created.'
'The Chopin Nocturne did not in any way dilute the enchanting music of Mozart that has been imprinted on one's mind, instead it furthermore enhances the pianist's sublime art.'

Audiotechnique Magazine
'A performance of the very highest pianistic skill and interpretive vision’
‘It was absolutely clear that we had seen a pianist of immense talent and musicianship’

Brunei News
'This excellent pianist who studied with masters from the Russian Piano School managed to combine superb technique and energy with attention to musical details. As a result, the phrases flowed naturally, and the music gently unfolds in a poised and well-paced manner.’
'The performance of the Mozart sonata was fresh and delightful, and the audience feels that the structure and emotional content had merged in perfect harmony.’
‘In Messiaen's work, Yu's performance successfully conveyed the quiet and mystic opening, and as the music develops, she skillfully used different tonal palettes to bring out the ecstatic religious content of the work’
'In the Chopin 3rd sonata, the lyrical playing in the first and third movements, the delicate and crystalline running notes of the second movement, and the superb control of the rise and fall of the last movement were indeed admirable.’

Taikung Pao, Hong Kong
'The performance by pianist Carol Yu was excellent. Whichever style the songs were in, she excelled in portraying the various moods and styles with her superb technique. The beauty of the piano tone here is rarely heard in other recordings of choral works.’
Audioland Magazine
'Pianist Carol Yu certainly played an important role in the success of this recording. Her accomplished playing amply enhanced the content and mood of the songs.’
AV Magazine